Number of Pregnant Women Quitting Smoking Doubles

The number of pregnant women across Greater Glasgow & Clyde who have attempted to quit smoking has doubled since the launch of Quit Your Way in March. In addition, the smoking cessation teams exceeded the national standard for 12-week quits in the 40 per cent most deprived communities, with performance on-track to again surpass the [...]

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Concerns Raised as Opioid Prescriptions Rise Across UK

Researchers recommend greater action to promote best practice as a new study has revealed a rise in prescriptions of opioids for treating chronic pain between 1998 and 2018. A review of opioid prescribing in the UK has shown that UK doctors are prescribing more and stronger opioid drugs to patients. The research showed a 34 [...]

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North-East Researchers to Explore Brexit’s Mental Health Impact

A newly-funded research project at Robert Gordon University (RGU) will examine the impact that Brexit is having on the mental health and wellbeing of European Union citizens across the country. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from RGU’s School of Nursing and Midwifery and the School of Applied Social Studies has received support from the university’s [...]

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