UK’s First Nurse-Led Outpatient Service for Faecal Incontinence

Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GRI) has become the UK’s first hospital to offer an outpatient, nurse-led service for faecal incontinence. This life-changing treatment is now available to patients from across the West of Scotland without the need for admission to hospital. Bowel incontinence affects up to 10 per cent of adults in the UK, with around [...]

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Computer Kidney Could Provide Safer Tests for New Medications

A University of Waterloo researcher has spearheaded the development of the first computational model of the human kidney. The new model will allow scientists to gain better insights into how new drugs that target the kidney, such as diabetes medication, may work. It will also enable researchers to better learn about the functions of the [...]

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Delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services to be Reviewed

The manner in which forensic mental health services are delivered for people is to be reviewed, Mental Health Minister, Clare Haughey, has announced. Forensic mental health services specialise in the assessment, treatment, and risk management of people with a mental disorder who are currently undergoing, or have previously undergone, legal or court proceedings. Ms Haughey [...]

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