talkhealth are marking World Atopic Eczema Day (14th September) and the start of National Eczema Week (15th-to-22nd September) by hosting an eczema Twitter chat on Friday 13th September between 1-to-2pm GMT.

This will also coincide with their online clinic on skin conditions, which is running throughout the month of September.

The Twitter chat will cover a range of questions and conversation topics, such as eczema triggers, care routines, self-esteem and managing eczema with your social life, and will include members from the community, influencers, charities, dermatology experts and more.

talkhealth Director, Deborah Wyatt, said, ‘One of the main reasons talkhealth was created was to give people with eczema the opportunity to find additional support for eczema online. Since then, eczema has remained one of the most common conditions our members email us about and being able to support them with events, such as Twitter chats and online clinics, as well as connecting our members with charity partners and experts makes a huge difference.

‘As with our previous events, we’re positive this Twitter chat about eczema will spark a very interesting and beneficial conversation for all those involved.’

To take part, follow @talkhealth on Twitter and join and tweet and follow the conversation using #eczema or #talkeczema on the platform.